I'm Tyffanie, a bilingual registred dietitian nutritionist.

I am passionate about eating fresh, healthy food and I want to help others enjoy it as well - whether through nutrition counseling, recipe development or health writing...in Spanish or in English.

I follow a mostly plant-based eating style, and specialize in gluten-free cooking and baking.

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nutrition Counseling

I don't tout one diet as better than another. Instead, I believe in counseling individual clients on how they can achieve a nourishing lifestyle, no matter where they start. I can help you figure out why your current eating habits may not be working for you, how to cook or shop for healthy foods, get to the bottom of GI distress, or simply help you get healthy using the tools of food & exercise.

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Recipe Development

I thoroughly enjoy developing, testing & sharing recipes. Whether for a project or myself, I'm happy to be in the kitchen cooking and baking.


Food & Health Writing

I also write articles on nutrition, health and fitness. Through my studies, I have picked up the skill of translating scientific research into practical information that you can use. See more here.